Hello! It’s national hummus day! Hummus is still one of my top 5 favorite foods [bonus points if you know all 4 of the others] so I’m celebrating big time. How does one celebrate a food holiday? Well it depends on what food we’re recognizing!

If it’s green bean day… well, maybe give ‘em a nod at the grocery store as you pass by on the way to the grapes.

If it’s chocolate lave cake day… research the top 5 chocolate cakes in your area –> buy all 5 –> taste test to determine if reviews were accurate –> post about it on social & your food blog. Repeat.


I’m celebrating National Hummus Day by eating hummus, sharing fun hummus memes and a few of my favorite recipes! Enjoy!

in front of hummus gif

Hummus Where The Heart Is...


hummus guy gif

hummus meme 5

hummus meme 3

I consider myself a bit of a hummus expert… do you?

hummus meme 4

Speaking of hummus… remember that time I visited the Sabra Headquarters??

They have the best hummus!

hummus heaven 1

Captain Hummus reporting for duty!

sabra hq

Favorite Recipes and Ideas with Hummus

The best way to top hummus … 

adding some extra protein and dippers can make this a whole meal!

hummus snack plate

Easy Warmed Hummus Dip

hummus dip easy cheese hummus-01

Hummus Quesadilla Recipe

hummus quesadilla recipe 

The best way to use the hummus at the end of the container

hummus covered broccoli

Question: When was the last time you had hummus?

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