It’s time for the Week One Weigh-In if you’re participating in the Spring Keto Challenge. You can post your update in the group thread, or here on this post if you prefer (or if you’re not on Facebook).

It’s never too late to start! The challenge is FREE and you can join us today if you haven’t already. New people join in every single day.

You’ll find all the Weigh-In threads in the pinned post at the top of the private group, along with Challenge Details and Group Details. That post is updated every Wednesday with the new weigh-in link for the week.

Keto Challenge Week One Weigh In

The weekly weigh-ins are just for accountability, of course… The lifestyle change is the REAL goal! ❤

You may notice great weight loss the first week or you may start off slow. You’ll discover there are many “holds” and fluctuations and even temporary gains on the scale as part of a VERY normal weight loss trend…

Just power through those!

Focus on feeling GREAT knowing you are eating healthy, changing habits & getting stronger. Those are BIG achievements to celebrate. 💪🥦

If you have questions, see:

2019 Spring Keto Challenge Details

And: Keto Challenge Questions… Answered!

… or leave a comment here and just ask. 🙂


Until I get my next Food Diary written and sent out to you, here are some updates I shared on my Facebook Page to give you some ideas…


Oh – and this is where I had a low carb picnic lunch yesterday. 🙂


How are things going with you?

Don’t forget to weigh in this week…

Leave a comment and let’s chat!:)

Lynn Terry,
aka @LowCarbTraveler


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