You can look in the mirror every day and choose to be hateful or grateful. It’s honestly a choice.

For over 10 years, I would squeeze my belly fat every day in the mirror and berate it, wishing it wasn’t there. In fact, I would cry about it because it made me feel like a failure. Because the expectation to be perfect in the world we live in, is real.

We are bombarded by perfection on social media, how can we not feel the pressure to look a certain way? I could honestly never look in the mirror and just be accepting of my body, never mind grateful. I would hone in and find the flaws, no matter what. We all do.

Well, a few years ago, I made a pact to give myself a chance to change. I made a choice to be kinder towards myself and try to love my body the way it is – with the flaws, the imperfections and all of it as a whole.

I thought it would be impossible, truly. Well, here I am to report the honest truth.

After a few years of self-love, self-care, time and therapy, I feel wholeheartedly grateful for the body in front of me. I look in the mirror and feel in awe of it – the human body – all it does for me to keep me alive and well. It’s a miracle to have my health and energy. I feel happy, free and thankful.

Of course, I have my off days with negative body image but I’ve learnt to be accepting and kind towards myself during these moments. This helps to settle the negative self-talk.

This is a choice I make every day.

To be grateful, rather than hateful.

I’m here posting this, to encourage you to make this choice too. It will set you free forever.

Love Jess xx

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